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Should We Keep Creator God’s Science Out Of Public Schools?

      Some say, “I believe in God  but God has nothing to do with science and public schools. . . Leave Creator God out of it.” Do you see the problem here? Whoever created the universe created science. He had … Continue reading

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5 Things Moms Teach Youngsters – Part 10

  1. Date wrong, marry wrong, live wrong. Wholesome, godly, home gone. Don’t miss your Christian soulmate. 2. Diseases can be traced to a deficiency, toxin or excess. 3.  For centuries Creator God has had a medicine chest filled with … Continue reading

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What Any True God Should Be Able To Do

  “If all the religions in the world were true, the world would be a cosmic madhouse.” – unknown, quoted by Erwin Lutzer on BBN radio network. 1. The number one job of any religion is to provide eternal life with … Continue reading

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Life’s Three Big Questions!

  Life’s big questons. What three questions echo down through the ages? Children ask them. Adults want to know. We deserve reasonable answers. Who has the right answers? There is much confusion out there.    Question #1 – Where did I come from?: Option … Continue reading

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