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Antique Car Show Humor

  I recently visited a classic car show. In an antique vehicle I saw this sign on the dashboard: “Hazardous to open windows when in excess of 120 mph.” Ha. That car never saw 80 mph on its best day. Though … Continue reading

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I Know Who I Am

  Is life just consuming   25 tons of food, drinking  X  gallons of liquids plus so many hours of pleasure, entertainment and sleep? I know who I am. I am a royal – a member of the royal family; that is, I am a … Continue reading

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Why Do My Friend And I Argue So Much?

  The Bible has much to say about disagreements, anger, the tongue and relationships. Proverbs and James are key books. Here are some reasons friends may argue. core values differ in important ways tongue, temper out of control flesh and spirit … Continue reading

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Moral Values Bring Proactive Statements

  Houston recently gave her struggling life to Jesus. Now the challenge is to live it. To avoid  bad friends with the old temptations. She wonders just want to say to  Rick, this  new acquaintance she met at school. He … Continue reading

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