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  ARE YOU CONTROLLED BY FLESH OR SPIRIT? CHOSEN YOUR CORE VALUES? “Mindless Christianity is not New Testament Christianity.” – John R. W. Stott. You have to think and pursue truth.  God lets us dig and labor for our daily … Continue reading

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Why Do Many Young People Struggle With Self Image, acceptance by peers? Some need to return to the center of the universe–let the soft winds of eternity blow over their souls. More simply put, nail down core values–decide who you are and where you are going in life. Be inner-directed not jerked around by others’ agendas and desires. If I am a child of the King that is BIG Stuff! Who cares what the world thinks of me? They don’t understand (1 Cor 2.14)! The most loving person in the world, Jesus Christ, was rejected by many. Should committed Christians expect better acceptance? And, if ‘friends’ cannot accept my core values, they cannot accept me. They are not real friends. Better to find it out now. Ask Jesus to give you one or two godly buddies.

Young or old, we need to find our acceptance in God and Jesus. Until we know Him we will not understand why He created us or our reason for being and self image. First things first. The life-is-all-about-me, mindset is … Continue reading

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Is Hollywood Lying To Us?

Some  laugh at virtue. They make fun of  modest dress, purity and virgins. Bible Truth: “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” (Gal 6.7 NAS). Despite Darwinism, you are not … Continue reading

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How To Screen Daughter’s Prospective Mate

        As mentioned in the companion post last week about Jim Bob Duggar screening his daughters’ prospective mates, this post offers some questions and issues to consider discussing. Certainly they do not all have to be addressed at one time. But sharing … Continue reading

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What Three Words Best Describe You? What Are Your Core Values?

   What three words best describe you?:    unhappy/bored/unsuccessful?  Carefree/flesh/feeling good?  Family/Jesus/clean living?  Confused/searching/lost? What determines our moods, agenda, and behavior?  Here are a few basic questions each one must decide about. I have chosen pay as you go not deep debt and its … Continue reading

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10 Things Moms Teach Youngsters – Part 7

  1.   Don’t believe something that you are not proud of. Hollywood is proud of sin. We have something a lot better than that to shout about – something clean, wholesome, pure, godly, eternal. Let it out! 2. Peace, joy … Continue reading

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Dating Relationships: Setting Boundries

  TLC’s  reality show this week, “19 Kids And Counting” (Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s show) touched on setting boundaries in relationships. Is this a good idea?Are they some advantages? Does one want spirit or flesh, the Lord or lust,  in … Continue reading

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Christian Virgin Wins Matchmaking Show

      The 700 Club recently did an interview with Angela Zatopek. She is the 25-year-old virgin that won the NBC “Ready For Love” contest. This now cancelled program offered a bank CEO, Ben Patton, 36 girls to choose between. He … Continue reading

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Ashamed Of Being Called “Christian,” “Goody Goody,” “Wholesome”?

  There are some timid Christians. Some seem ashamed to claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior? Why so silent around nonbelievers? They are anxious to talk about family or text about their friends. Is Jesus not a special friend ? Here are some … Continue reading

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Bed Bugs And Bad Friends Can Stick Around

  My good friend Jackson was telling me recently about his house being infested with bed bugs. It’s no laughing matter. Jackson related how these bed bugs bite you and draw blood. They multiply quickly and just will not leave. … Continue reading

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