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Co-Habiting Girl Needs Advice – Kara’s Case Study

   Kara has been living with her boyfriend, Ted, for 2 years. (names and certain facts changed but a true story). Their house is in Ted’s name but Kara helps pay the monthly mortgage payments. They each pay their own bills. … Continue reading

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Is Adultery Despising, Rejecting God?

  America has lost her virginity.  Adultery, fornication are now commonplace. Divorces, disease and alienation are rampant. The sexual freedom spawned in the 1960s has not brought heaven on earth but heartache and evil.  Man’s way is not better than Creator … Continue reading

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Fornication Addiction Can Steal Soul Mate, Child-bearing Years

  Sad . . . really sad to hear of those wasting many child bearing years. Was God’s choice of a spouse missed because one was  AWOL, addicted to immorality, fornication?  Skirt hounds, tramps and cohabiters pay a high price. … Continue reading

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How’s Your Restaurant Table Reach?

The other night seven of us from church dined out. After some two hours of food and splashing gracious comments  around John asked our server a question. Brianna was a slight, light-haired girl. She had hovered and given us good … Continue reading

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17 Reasons Not To Live Together – Cohabit

 1.  God has a wonderful plan, a better plan, for your life. Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (Jn 10.10.b) (Jer 29.11).  “For God so loved the world, that he … Continue reading

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Cheap tires & cheap, cohabiting relationships cause blow outs

     My wife and I were eating out with two other couples and a single friend last weekend. Godly conversation was flowing. Our  server was a slight, light haired girl.   “Brianna” was efficient.  She seemed to have a sad countenance though. … Continue reading

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