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Don’t Blame God For Man’s Bad

God and sinless Jesus Christ are blamed for much of the evil done in the name of religion. I believe that most wars are unjust and unnecessary —evils of man. In his book, Can Man Live Without God? author Ravi … Continue reading

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Premarital Counseling Q: Are You Marrying Jesus?

  “Are you marrying Jesus?” Erwin Lutzer asked this question to a lady contemplating marriage. It woke her up. She realized who he really was. It exposed the man as not one with a heart for the Lord. She chose not to … Continue reading

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“I don’t work in my church. Am I backslidden?”

I have long reflected on this. Suppose Private Jones is assigned to Ft. Benning but he does not show up. The Army classifies him as AWOL (absent without leave). No proper soldier acts this way. Tommy interviews for a job … Continue reading

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