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Believers And Alcohol: Some Awkward Questions

A pastor recently stated to us that he was seeing more believers with drinking issues.  As America has become one big drinking party, should we be surprised? Should committed believers be part of the problem or the answer? May I … Continue reading

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Believers And Booze: 5 Questions

Beyond counting are the lives and homes that booze has wrecked. Alcohol is: milk for the masses, a snare for the simple,  false friend for the lonely, nerves for the weak, and poison for the liver. Alcohol will lead a … Continue reading

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Can Drinking Hurt a Christian’s Influence?: 20 Thoughts

The U.S. is  drunk on pleasure and booze.  What does the Bible have to say about  drinking and drinking parties?  Can regular boozing harm a true believer’s  testimony? Why can drinking believers be viewed as hypocrites and not be taken seriously? … Continue reading

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