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SMILES ARE CONTAGIOUS Joy is a daily choice – Power Up, Buttercup! guard your mouth—let words be few it takes two to argue. . . . walk away. . . be the peacemaker DRUGS: SATAN PIMPING SUCKERS Faith Trumps Fear … Continue reading

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Grudges Are A Prison

     When we will not forgive one who has hurt us, this steals our joy. Bitterness gives them control over our peace. That gives them too much power. Our joy is locked up. We are in a prison of negativity! … Continue reading

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Should We Sugar-Coat Our Words?

  I recently heard a lady job applicant on a TV reality show comment, “I don’t do sugar-coating well.”   Likewise Christians should not obscure needed truth or run from reality. But we have other speech guidelines  as well. While many … Continue reading

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Turkey, snakes and anger

  My wife and I just attended a festive meal with good friends. There was turkey, pecan pie and all the trimmings. One fellow there  seemed to have some anger in his “bucket.”   He has dropped out of church. It is not … Continue reading

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When families don’t confess sins

  “Confess your faults one to another, and pray  one for another” (Jm 5.16). Families are relationships. I am close to a family that did not train their children to confess sins and forgive.  This was a religious home but … Continue reading

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Got Jesus’ Joy?

  Joy is the key to a right attitude. Joylessness is sin. – Harold Vaughan. Every part of an oak tree can be utilized – the trunk for lumber, limbs for firewood, the leaves for compost and saw dust for mulch. Every … Continue reading

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