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On Friends Importing Temptation: Bluebirds Don’t Hang Out With Buzzards. It’s Better To Have Your Heart Broken Once By Walking Away, Than To Have It Break Daily Waiting For Chaff To Become Wheat Or Sin To Lose Its Stink. -fb, Carolyn McNeil, revised.

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Case Study: Can You Help This Druggie?

  This is a composite study of real life people. What would you suggest to   free Rick from drugs? Suppose Rick, 39,  has a long history of drug use. He has lost everything – jobs, housing,  wife, money, car and character. … Continue reading

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Bed Bugs And Bad Friends Can Stick Around

  My good friend Jackson was telling me recently about his house being infested with bed bugs. It’s no laughing matter. Jackson related how these bed bugs bite you and draw blood. They multiply quickly and just will not leave. … Continue reading

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Should I Break Off Contact With Bad Friends?

  It depends. For example, if a friend is an addict are they involved in a rehab program? This is a tough issue, especially if we have been friends a long time. No easy choices. The short answer is that I … Continue reading

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8 people to avoid – Solomon on destructive, bummer relationships

  The Bible says that Solomon was the wisest king ever.  He wrote much of the book of Proverbs. Proverbs might be subtitled “How To Be Successful In Life.”  It gives us some very practical relationship principles. Good relationships begin with avoiding … Continue reading

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