Dangers of Globalism to American Sovereignty: 1. Globalism is super-socialism, one big melting pot. 2. The U.S. is viewed by many as a rich, spoiled, stupid, sugar daddy. Other nations would be the takers and we would be the givers, lowering our standard of living. The UN often voted against us despite all our foreign aid. 3. Despite our flaws the USA brings the best (human) hope for some semblance of order and reducing world chaos. 4. Losing our sovereignty means losing our democracy. American voters would lose self-determination. 5. Immigration attitudes, illegal criminals would become wilder. Let’s pray for wisdom for our leaders!

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More Questions To Ask Kids: Who would make the perfect wife? Husband? Favorite Bible character? (why?) Fav animal?

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Everybody has a plan, until they get hit in the mouth — Mike Tyson. Got a Plan B after you get hit by life’s blows? (Psa 73.26)

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Caring listens versus overtalking

  • Good conversationalists know how to listen—-
  • some passing trains  never seem to end—-
  • verbal incontinence infers that I am more important than you —pride—-
  • a low self image, over-talking, might be trying too hard to sell self to others—-
  • or a lack of love or undeveloped social skills—-
  • we can serve others not only with our hands but our ears—-
  • life is not all about you: Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter said that her father wanted to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral—-
  • why are we spending time with the other person?: encourage, bless them? counsel them? initial acquaintance? fellowship? business meeting?—-
  • what’s appropriate at work is not necessarily so in social interaction—-
  • “the [flesh] drives, the Holy Spirit gently leads.” – Harold Burchett—-

“He who restrains is word has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding. Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is counted prudent.” (Proverbs 17.27-28 NAS)(Prov 18.2).

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Nobody knows what truth is. Reply: So, does that include you too? – Stealing From God

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[Dead] Religion is spraying perfume on a casket — Jefferson Bethke

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Questions to ask kids: (1) If you could be anybody, who would you choose? Why? (2) If you had one wish, what would it be? (3) If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?

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Joe: Can each one set his or her own right and wrong? Lifestyle? Bob: All truth is relative. There is no absolute truth. Joe: You say that there is no absolute truth, yet your statement sounds absolute. Are you absolutely sure that there is no absolute truth? -after Frank Turek, Stealing From God

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Humor Alert: The world’s fastest karate expert joined the army. The first time he saluted, he killed himself…..My cousin considered becoming an atheist. Then he found out that atheists have no holidays. (more)

Willie said: I’ve got the MIDAS TOUCH—everything I touch turns to mufflers

Why don’t blind people skydive?    A. it scares their dogs

A Texas oil man went to his dentist.

Dentist: You have no cavities

Man: Drill any way, I feel lucky.

-most from Henny Youngman


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To evaluate worship, don’t watch the platform but the pew.

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