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Halloween Or Harvest Party?

  courtesy – The word “hallow” means to sanctify, make holy. We Christians need to reclaim, reclaim, this word and night for Jesus and clean, wholesome activities. On October 31st some churches offer youth a wholesome alternative to ‘Trick … Continue reading

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Campus Christian Groups VS The Greeks

  Rush a frat or sorority? Who should I hang with? How does the moral atmosphere vary? Godly relationships begin with Jesus, Bible values and godly friends. Some while back I heard a Christian girl sharing about her escape from the ungodly … Continue reading

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5 Secrets Many Young People Don’t Know

  1. Life is not about you. One won’t do much work until he learns to enjoy work and serving others (1 Thes 4.11b-12; Rom  12.1-2; 16.2, 5, 6, 9,12) 2. We succeed in life as a team player – company, ball … Continue reading

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5 Lies Slamming Young People

  1.  LIE #1: My school friends are so important. I am so fragile, so helpless, so dependent on them. I cannot risk offending them or being rejected. TRUTH: Few adults keep up with their old, high school or college friends. … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Dating Advice

  I recently watched a Duck Dynasty episode (A & E TV reality show) where the matriarch of the clan, Kay Robertson, was offering advice to her grand son and grand-daughter. Ity centered around what is referred to as: teen dating, dating advice, dating … Continue reading

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Airports Screen Dangerous People. Should I Have Friendship Guidelines?

  “For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.” (1 Cor 6.20 NAS). Are all friendships equally safe? Should we hug every stray dog? Should we discern who is likely to import pain and problems … Continue reading

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Teens: sexually active but biblically ignorant?

Are most teens receiving  adequate instruction on male-female relationships, dating standards and reproduction directly from their parents? Is abstience being offered as an option? Is  adequate sex education in Christian homes often MIA? The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in … Continue reading

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Masturbation: help or hindrance?

  Masturbation, masturbation, what art thou? – anon. Is masturbation an acceptable solution for a Christian’s bodily urges?  Is it a justifiable defense against improper behavior, fornication and adultery?  Does it generate sinful thoughts? What Bible insights are there?  (this is … Continue reading

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Love test for teens

    Do you know where your date is coming from? Compatible core values are vital to a good, long term relationship.  Christian school administrator, Mike Long, has developed abstinence based instruction for teens. This includes a LOVE TEST for teens. After hearing … Continue reading

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Friends first relationships

  How many singles have tried the “Friends First” concept to mating? With half of current marriages ending in divorce surely a better plan is needed.  I have friends, Daniel and Michelle, Esther and Bob, who went this route and … Continue reading

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