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Is Submission To Authority A Dirty Word Today?

           Societies have either submission to authority or chaos. Most companies and organizations have a chosen leader: director, supervisor, coach, president, CEO, captain or principal. God chose the husband to lead the family. But Satan is … Continue reading

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“Love” vs Right Doctrine

Can hearing the “l” word,”love,” turn off our doctrinal radar? Bible Broadcasting Network/”Running to Win” program teacher tells of reading a false teacher’s book. The liberal teacher wrote that Jesus did not die to pay for our sins but to show us that … Continue reading

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6 Cleansers for a Clean Thought Life

Perhaps there is no more challenging area to maintain victory in than our thought life. I am not an expert but a fellow traveler. “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and … Continue reading

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“I’m Deeply Hurt. I Can’t Forgive Him.”

What are the hardest things in life to forgive? Adultery? Theft? Betrayal? Murder of a loved one? Ever heard, “I don’t feel like forgiving him yet?”  You tried to forgive but it just wouldn’t happen? I have. I recall struggling for … Continue reading

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Are Eve’s Daughters Still ‘Eating the Apple’?

 Submission is a dirty word today. Noticed how the  time honored,  Ephesians 5.22-26, wedding vow, “To love, honor and OBEY” is often watered down or omitted?  Ships, companies, schools and armies have one leader. Most wives accept their employer’s authority. … Continue reading

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