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Skeptic’s Downward Spiral?

The skeptic, the Bible doubter, often believes that man is basically good not evil. So being saved from evil, from  sin, is unnecessary. And since God is love, live it up– sin is free. I have 2 eternal choices in … Continue reading

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A Restaurant Prayer Offends

TJ was speaking to our congregation recently. He was a candidate for the office of deacon.   TJ told of an incident where he was thanking God for his food in a restaurant. Afterwards a man who overheard him praying told … Continue reading

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Ask Atheists Why Evil Bothers Them?

  In talking with atheists and skeptics one question repeatedly arises, “Why is there evil if God is good and in control?” In his Focus on the Family, Truth Project messages, Dell Tackett suggests this reply:  “Why should evil bother you?” We remember … Continue reading

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