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Why Do Many Young People Struggle With Self Image, acceptance by peers? Some need to return to the center of the universe–let the soft winds of eternity blow over their souls. More simply put, nail down core values–decide who you are and where you are going in life. Be inner-directed not jerked around by others’ agendas and desires. If I am a child of the King that is BIG Stuff! Who cares what the world thinks of me? They don’t understand (1 Cor 2.14)! The most loving person in the world, Jesus Christ, was rejected by many. Should committed Christians expect better acceptance? And, if ‘friends’ cannot accept my core values, they cannot accept me. They are not real friends. Better to find it out now. Ask Jesus to give you one or two godly buddies.

Young or old, we need to find our acceptance in God and Jesus. Until we know Him we will not understand why He created us or our reason for being and self image. First things first. The life-is-all-about-me, mindset is … Continue reading

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“Evil Companions Ruin Good Morals” 1 Cor 15.33 – Blue birds don’t hang out with buzzards. Don’t kiss rotten eggs good bye. Flee. (Psalm 1.1-2; Prov 13.20))

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Relationship-driven? Am I Pop Culture Or Godly Core Values?

Does peer pressure jerk me around–tell me what to do? Do I change depending on the group  I am with–a leaf in the wind? If others do not accept my core values do they accept me? Do I have courage, … Continue reading

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Godly Replies To Pick Up Lines?

I heard a wise pastor/teacher, Harold Burchett say, “I never like to see sin walk off the court, thinking it has won.” Might one use a passing stranger’s pick up effort as a brief witnessing opportunity  for the Lord Jesus! … Continue reading

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Screening Potential Friends

We check out new stuff wanting to enter our life: new restaurants, try on shoes before buying and test drive cars. How might we do that with potential mates? One thing to include can be asking questions to learn who … Continue reading

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Ever Feel That Deep, Cosmic Loneliness? Why Do We Have It?

Of course. Some seem to feel it more deeply than others. We were created for close fellowship with the Lord God. But when man sinned God kicked him out of the Garden (Gen 3). Close fellowship stopped and we feel … Continue reading

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Finding A Mate

Charm and beauty have replaced character. Singles think that they can find the right mate, in a moment, based on physical attraction–external appearance.–Erwin Lutzer. “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain.” (Prov 31.30 NAS).

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Can Lust-Mates Steal Soul-Mates?

courtesy: Know any one who has ended up in a boring, swampy marriage with the wrong mate? Some bad relationships leave soul-scars. What glued the couple together any way? Two Tracks To Marriage: (A) casual relationships, dating, intimacy before marriage, lust addiction, … Continue reading

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The Duggar Girls Write About Relationships: Book Review

Posted on June 5, 2014 by FredKerr If you haven’t watched the best Christian home series on reality TV, IMO, check out “19 Kids And Counting.” Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 children. The four oldest girls, Jana, Jill, … Continue reading

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Do We Misrepresent Ourselves In Relationships? Who Is Transparent?

      I watched the older film, Rainmaker. It was the story of a young lawyer, Matt Damon, pursuing a claim of a terminally ill patient from an unethical health insurance firm. He also represented a victim of domestic violence. The film exposed  … Continue reading

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