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Forget Some Social Pressures, Stressers / Your Funeral Guests

Should we care what friends think if we drive an older car, wear modest clothes and love to talk about Jesus? Forget such social pressures. Remember that if it’s raining or these friends have a cold, they may skip your … Continue reading

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Who receives a million dollar gift and is ashamed of the giver? How wonderful is a clear, willing, joyful, salvation story? “Come and hear, all who fear God, and I will tell of what He has done for my soul.” (Psa 66.16 NAS); “My mouth shall tell of thy righteousness and of thy salvation all day long” (Psa 71.15 NAS).

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More Questions To Ask Kids: Who would make the perfect wife? Husband? Favorite Bible character? (why?) Fav animal?

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How To Rationalize Overspending: When Self Control Goes AWOL

Outrunning serious Christian commitment can take creativity. Spouses can be so . . . .  you know . . . . penny pinchy. Say for example you can’t quite fit  the new $86,090, 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon coupe into … Continue reading

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“Evil Companions Ruin Good Morals” 1 Cor 15.33 – Blue birds don’t hang out with buzzards. Don’t kiss rotten eggs good bye. Flee. (Psalm 1.1-2; Prov 13.20))

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Bible Q: Name 10 people (types of) that wise Solomon (in Proverbs) warns his son and readers to avoid

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Workplace Relationships: Tips For Christians–Part 4

When I entered the business world years ago, I wish some one had told me these things. I had to learn some stuff the hard way. This is one of a series of posts on office politics, job seeking, interviews … Continue reading

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Can God Use The Santa Claus Emphasis?

At the risk of sounding like a compromising syncretist may I offer possible advantages of having Santa? I hear that around sixty percent of annual retail sales are realized during the Christmas season. I echo the view that getting the … Continue reading

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Christians Date Non-Christians?: Saving Oneself For Marriage

I wish more social media, Christian friends addressed tough, sticky issues like this—so I could refrain from occasionally feeling the need to do so. My role model is wise King Solomon. He efficaciously devoted most of Proverbs 7 to a … Continue reading

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Responding To The “F Word”: Suggestions

Should the filthy “F word” now define our society? Has it become the trademark of the younger generation? How should godly people respond when hearing it? Silently retreat in defeat or are there  other options? ‘I don’t like to see … Continue reading

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