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Dangers of Globalism to American Sovereignty: 1. Globalism is super-socialism, one big melting pot. 2. The U.S. is viewed by many as a rich, spoiled, stupid, sugar daddy. Other nations would be the takers and we would be the givers, lowering our standard of living. The UN often voted against us despite all our foreign aid. 3. Despite our flaws the USA brings the best (human) hope for some semblance of order and reducing world chaos. 4. Losing our sovereignty means losing our democracy. American voters would lose self-determination. 5. Immigration attitudes, illegal criminals would become wilder. Let’s pray for wisdom for our leaders!

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Darwinists And Atheists Deny That Any Moral Law Giver Exists So No Moral Laws Can Exist Either. Thus They Lack A Yardstick To Determine Good And Evil. So Are They Confused And Violating Their Own Beliefs By Pointing Out Real Or Imagined Sins Of Our National Leaders?

Our national leaders are endlessly being criticized for assorted sins, real or imagined. These include unkindness, lying, broken promises, unethical behavior, immorality and more. I do not excuse any sin but am making a different point today—who really qualifies to … Continue reading

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Trump’s Management Style: Competition of Ideas?

Former presidents have skillfully used a competition of ideas approach to hearing all sides and making more informed decisions.  Washington, Lincoln and FDR all did this.  “Reagan was particularly adept maintaining independent channels of information and counsel, so as not … Continue reading

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Be Calm And Avoid Wet Squirrels

America is divided politically. There is too much heated rhetoric. Let’s all lighten up. Chill. Be calm and avoid wet squirrels. Grace and wisdom are patient with grumpy pants. We need peacemakers.  Gentle words have broad appeal. Joy is infectious. … Continue reading

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Wanted: Big Hearted Peacemakers, Influencers

The Inauguration Day violence in Washington calls for peacemakers. Many revere the Sermon on the Mount including Matthew 5.9: “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.” Surely this is the hour for many peacemakers to … Continue reading

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Are These Social, Political Views Attacking God?

Are some political views just camouflaged attacks on Creator God, His order, His reality? Lie #1: It’s unfair for to have financial and material inequities among people.  Force those who have money to give it to  the poor.   (aka … Continue reading

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Presidential Campaign, Amoral Schools & Character

  This presidential campaign has revealed alleged, ethical sinkholes in candidate character. Yet many corporations and our anti-God public schools reject most  ethical teaching. Overall, amoral schooling cannot produce moral  character. Sorry, not gonna happen. I see only denial and … Continue reading

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Pro-Nazi British, Today’s Pacifists & Human Nature

Prior to WW2, some  avant-garde British wore  German Swastikas. These English pro-Nazis misjudged Hitler. They were poor judges of character and motives. During WW2 Hitler bombed London for months (1940-1941). Perhaps the gore,  horrors of war and loved one’s caskets … Continue reading

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How To Create A Socialist State

  Beware the Useful Idiots submitted by Garret Geer Recall that Hillary did her college thesis on his writings and Obama writes about him in his books. Saul Alinsky died about 43 years ago, but his writings influenced those in … Continue reading

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4 hours ago “Tolerance” does not render objective truth untrue. The Gospel is not politically correct. Political correctness crucifies Truth.-twitter

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