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Dangers of Globalism to American Sovereignty: 1. Globalism is super-socialism, one big melting pot. 2. The U.S. is viewed by many as a rich, spoiled, stupid, sugar daddy. Other nations would be the takers and we would be the givers, lowering our standard of living. The UN often voted against us despite all our foreign aid. 3. Despite our flaws the USA brings the best (human) hope for some semblance of order and reducing world chaos. 4. Losing our sovereignty means losing our democracy. American voters would lose self-determination. 5. Immigration attitudes, illegal criminals would become wilder. Let’s pray for wisdom for our leaders!

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Exposing Intolerance Posing As Tolerance: Fake Tolerance

When you hear statements like, “You have to let people believe what they want. Be tolerant.”  What does this person mean by, “You must be open to every thing”? What it almost always means is: “You must be open to … Continue reading

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Are These Social, Political Views Attacking God?

Are some political views just camouflaged attacks on Creator God, His order, His reality? Lie #1: It’s unfair for to have financial and material inequities among people.  Force those who have money to give it to  the poor.   (aka … Continue reading

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The Transgender Bathroom Question

 Bruce Springsteen has recently opted out of performing in North Carolina due to their transgender Bathroom Law protecting innocent children from possible molesters. Right or wrong? “So you think its OK for rock stars to refuse to perform based on … Continue reading

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