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Everyone has some basic moral values, atheists included

  Creator God seems to present objective moral truth sequentially. (A)   a conscience  (B)   a cohesive world view   (C)  personal salvation. First in life, God gives all of us a conscience. It includes basic values needed to get along with … Continue reading

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The Book, “The Wisdom Of Frugality: Why Less Is More – More Is Less” Stirs Questions.

Does frugality bring more wisdom, virtue, happiness? Is consumerism driving economic growth a form of patriotism? Jesus’ lifestyle was simple. Yet many affluent Christians live little different from our extravagant, over-spent  culture. Can simple living reduce temptations, worry, while enhancing … Continue reading

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Are You A Moral Person? Who Is Moral?

        Who is moral? How much or little morality is enough? Which yardstick do we use to decide it? If one does not care, ia that not saying that morality is not of interest to him? Thus he locks himself … Continue reading

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