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Lust can come in assorted desires. Lust hides, then attacks swiftly, like a mugger from ambush. It strikes violently like a rattlesnake. How vital to have a defense when we are near danger zones. -after Deitrich Bonhoeffer as quoted by Stephen Davey, BBN radio.


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Godly Replies To Pick Up Lines?

I heard a wise pastor/teacher, Harold Burchett say, “I never like to see sin walk off the court, thinking it has won.” Might one use a passing stranger’s pick up effort as a brief witnessing opportunity  for the Lord Jesus! … Continue reading

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Finding A Mate

Charm and beauty have replaced character. Singles think that they can find the right mate, in a moment, based on physical attraction–external appearance.–Erwin Lutzer. “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain.” (Prov 31.30 NAS).

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Can Lust-Mates Steal Soul-Mates?

courtesy: Know any one who has ended up in a boring, swampy marriage with the wrong mate? Some bad relationships leave soul-scars. What glued the couple together any way? Two Tracks To Marriage: (A) casual relationships, dating, intimacy before marriage, lust addiction, … Continue reading

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6 Reasons To Avoid Lustful Relationships

  1. Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit. They belong to God not us. (1 Cor 3.16; 6.19-20). 2. Like drugs, porn and gambling, lust (and fornication) is addictive. (Rom 8.6-16). 3. Draws one away from wholesome … Continue reading

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