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Got a family member you cannot really talk to?: Building conversation bridges

It was lonely growing up. I was  a quiet, little kid. As a youth my Dad was into his business and drank at night. He did not devote much time to we three children or mother. She paid a heavy … Continue reading

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The Power Of Silence

    Is there power in  silence? Power in remaining quiet?  The power of zero? Zippo. 1 Peter 3.1ff tells the godly wife to win her unsaved husband by her behavior while remaining silent. No nagging or preaching to him at … Continue reading

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Caring About Others: Got a Plan?

  Rain Man is the 1988 Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise movie about a car dealer and his autistic brother. The brother had a fantastic memory for sports statistics, playing cards and more. We have a young lady in our church, “Sally” … Continue reading

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