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“. . any woman running for high office faces unfair pressure to project strength. “

 So wrote Eugene Robinson at Washington Post on Carly Fiorina.    If this is true might it also shed light on some of the vitriolic words and behavior of extreme feminism and other groups? Some Options For Persuading Others?: Reason, … Continue reading

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Joy Is The Flag Flying High Above the Castle Where The King Is In Residence—unknown


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Living In Quiet Desperation – Losing Out

courtesy:  “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” – Henry David Thoreau Wow, how true. Thoreau saw man’s deep problem. The Bible agrees. Most men are running from God, far from obedience, godly living, forgiveness and peace. Of … Continue reading

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Have You Found Joy In Your Life? Has Your Life Brought Joy To Others?

I gleaned these two  questions from a secular movie that I partially viewed,  Bucket List.   Shifting to a Christian context, how would we answer this? Are we bringing others joy and blessing  or hurt and harm, disappointment? My childhood years were lonely, empty, wasted spiritually. … Continue reading

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Dull Meeting Alert! – Uplift Flat Conversations

  Boring Meeting Alert! . . . . . Dull Conversation Warning! Ever dreaded an incoming conversation because you knew that gloom and doom was likely? Some dear souls are just too negative. I get a ‘trapped’ feeling. And, there are also … Continue reading

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Joy is a daily choice

“The first order of business each day is to get my soul happy in God.” – George Mueller as quoted by Harold Vaughn.. Why can be be so hard to choose joy just when I know I need it? Our … Continue reading

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Got Jesus’ Joy?

  Joy is the key to a right attitude. Joylessness is sin. – Harold Vaughan. Every part of an oak tree can be utilized – the trunk for lumber, limbs for firewood, the leaves for compost and saw dust for mulch. Every … Continue reading

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