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“Horror is my religion.” I just heard a horror writer extolling the virtues of horror books on the radio. She viewed it as a means of encountering and assessing bad things before they could occur in real life. Au contraire. Fear is the enemy of faith, Bible faith. Fear can undermine faith. It is easier to enter the dark side than to escape. Satan loves to disguise sin as harmless pleasure—“trying one little pill can’t hurt. Be a big girl.” This horror writer affirmed her distance from religion. Once leaving God’s truth and God’s people, the Devil can drag one deep into the swamp of sin. Flesh loves flesh. Spirit loves Spirit. Horror produces no peace or joy. Satan is a deceiver. You can’t outfox a fox. You can’t out steal a thief. Bluebirds don’t play with buzzards. Worldly wisdom cannot compare with God’s wisdom and blessings. The Bible tells the wise person what to think about, focus on: “whatsoever things are true . . . honest . . .just . . . pure . . lovely . . . of good report . . . virtue . . . think on these things.” (Phil 4.8). Jesus said, “Peace be unto you.” (John 20.19)

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Why Do Many Young People Struggle With Self Image, acceptance by peers? Some need to return to the center of the universe–let the soft winds of eternity blow over their souls. More simply put, nail down core values–decide who you are and where you are going in life. Be inner-directed not jerked around by others’ agendas and desires. If I am a child of the King that is BIG Stuff! Who cares what the world thinks of me? They don’t understand (1 Cor 2.14)! The most loving person in the world, Jesus Christ, was rejected by many. Should committed Christians expect better acceptance? And, if ‘friends’ cannot accept my core values, they cannot accept me. They are not real friends. Better to find it out now. Ask Jesus to give you one or two godly buddies.

Young or old, we need to find our acceptance in God and Jesus. Until we know Him we will not understand why He created us or our reason for being and self image. First things first. The life-is-all-about-me, mindset is … Continue reading

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Living In Quiet Desperation?: Life Should Offer More Than This

courtesy: Ever feel like a lonely horse wandering in the wilderness? Join the club. I lived there . . .  . for 31 years. Where do we miss out on life’s fulness and best? Here are some  detours leading to: emptiness, loneliness, pipe … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift, Danielle Bradbery sing: (Why You Got to Be So) “Mean?”

  Good question this song by Taylor Swift asks, why do (some) people have to be so mean? Answer:  We are born with a sinful, fleshly heart. We want our own way. We see this sinful nature in young children – … Continue reading

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