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Why Do Many Young People Struggle With Self Image, acceptance by peers? Some need to return to the center of the universe–let the soft winds of eternity blow over their souls. More simply put, nail down core values–decide who you are and where you are going in life. Be inner-directed not jerked around by others’ agendas and desires. If I am a child of the King that is BIG Stuff! Who cares what the world thinks of me? They don’t understand (1 Cor 2.14)! The most loving person in the world, Jesus Christ, was rejected by many. Should committed Christians expect better acceptance? And, if ‘friends’ cannot accept my core values, they cannot accept me. They are not real friends. Better to find it out now. Ask Jesus to give you one or two godly buddies.

Young or old, we need to find our acceptance in God and Jesus. Until we know Him we will not understand why He created us or our reason for being and self image. First things first. The life-is-all-about-me, mindset is … Continue reading

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Christ Operates Differently

John the Baptizer doubted. Jesus was not operating according to his construct, his format, his  views. “And, said unto him, Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another? Jesus answered and said unto them, ‘ Go … Continue reading

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“. . any woman running for high office faces unfair pressure to project strength. “

 So wrote Eugene Robinson at Washington Post on Carly Fiorina.    If this is true might it also shed light on some of the vitriolic words and behavior of extreme feminism and other groups? Some Options For Persuading Others?: Reason, … Continue reading

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Questions Leaders Ask

  what principle should we be acting from here? can we begin with prayer, Congress does? how would Jesus Christ handle this situation? in past history how has this situation played out? what answer best serves the needs of all … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Choices: What My Parents Didn’t Tell Me

  !. You can dib-dab your money away or save it for the big things in life. 2. Hang out with snakes, expect to get bit. (1 Cor 15.22; 2 Cor 6.14-17). 3. Drink upstream from the herd. There are … Continue reading

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“My Feelings And Flesh Make My Decisions. Life Is About Me.”

  “Life is about me.” Is this the motto of many today? Live for today. Forget planning for the future? Go for the gusto. Live in the fast lane. Lose control. Be flesh driven not Spirit guided. The drug rehab … Continue reading

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I Know Who I Am

  Is life just consuming   25 tons of food, drinking  X  gallons of liquids plus so many hours of pleasure, entertainment and sleep? I know who I am. I am a royal – a member of the royal family; that is, I am a … Continue reading

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Post-graduation Years Can Be Rough: 10 Tips

  Got the post-graduation blues? College was not as hard as the patch after I got out. I was lost, blinded. I did not know what I wanted to do vocationally. Had I wasted four years? After school  reality sets in. … Continue reading

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Romantic Feelings vs God’s Leading – Infatuation vs Marriage Commitment

  It is vital to be able to distinguish between God’s voice and  romantic “feelings.” That male-female chemistry never stops searching for a new face. Our old flesh is never satisfied.  If one let his feelings rule there is an endless line … Continue reading

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Why Can Saying No Be So Difficult?

  Are godly values or desire driven decisions in control? “One of the most difficult things in Christian ministry is having to say no, but to keep  our fellowship pure before God, we must sometimes do it. The pastor who refuses … Continue reading

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