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More Open Testimony Times At Funerals?

The Bible names and commends individual saints for their work in the Lord’s behalf. Some were dead; some were living. Not a few dead believers are honored in Hebrews 11,  from Noah to Rahab. Their works are named.  David’s mighty … Continue reading

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Dogs Grieve Too

  The encounter took place on my back steps. I had been away from home for three months. Now I was back. I missed my dog Raisin but I was not prepared for her response to seeing me. Raisin was … Continue reading

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How God Used a Major Relationship Loss

In the middle 1800s in London, England it was said that there were two great churches. One was Charles Hadden Spurgeon’s Metropolitian Baptist Tabernacle. The other was Pastor F. B. Meyer’s church. I found this wonderful story in  the biography of … Continue reading

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