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Why does God raise up evil rulers and abusive governments worldwide?

God is all wise, not erratic or capricious. He moves in accord with His eternal purposes. What best glorifies God? What best enables a lost person to confront his sin? My little human speculations: Even the Devil is God’s Devil. … Continue reading

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Are We Moral Or Just Professional?

An attorney for a well-known defendant in a murder case was asked about the morality of working to get a guilty  killer  declared innocent? He replied, “I make professional judgements not  moral judgements.” Ravi Zacharias observed: “In choosing to be … Continue reading

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God And Evil

Questions arise about  God and the evil around us. But there is also  the evil within the inquirer.  — Ravi Zacharias. Humility beckons.  Has one  come to grips with the depravity in his own heart? Does he have a log in … Continue reading

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