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“Women trying to be men and men be feminized are destroying the family.” –Erwin Lutzer, BBN radio 5-22-17

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Are Some Women In Love With Second-best? Rhinestone Wedding Rings?

Like a Rolls Royce pretending to be a Jeep or truck is the girl trying to be a man. Why the blind spot? God outdid Himself when He made woman! She has delightful, unique features, form and countenance. Yet some … Continue reading

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Should The Military Draft Women?

Should NBA and NFL teams  draft women? If not, why not? Would that impact a team’s performance? Would it be a good idea for college football teams to have female players? Sadly, ladies are selling their souls to be like … Continue reading

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Is Radical Feminism Destroying Families?

  Is radical feminism just about women or can it harm the whole family? The following are offered for your consideration. “Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does … Continue reading

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What Is Radical Feminism Stealing From Women?

  Is a woman’s core strengths being stolen by antiGod feminism? Is she second rate if she does not buy into this faddish agenda? “Section 7: Business Particulars for Women: TRY TO BE IMPERSONAL…..The woman who is efficient and easy to work with … Continue reading

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