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Satan’s 5 Attacks On The Family

  Why are half of the marriages this year going to end in divorce? Why do two-thirds of remarriages fail? How is Satan so effective? Where are many missing it?  Attack #1: Distract Christians from  faithful Bible reading (Rom 10.17; Psa 119.9,11; 119 all … Continue reading

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The Heavenly Trinity And Earthly Trinity

  Evolutionary distortions of the Creator’s reality do not end with nature. They extend to social systems like family, labor, state,church, God and man and community, so says Focus on the Family’s, Truth Project teacher, Dell Tackett. Lies attacking God’s … Continue reading

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Some Reasons For Relationship Problems

  it’s all about me; independent spirit pride, self will. . . big me , little you when God’s moral laws are broken fallout is to be expected Biblical line of authority is broken. On a ship it’s called “mutiny.” … Continue reading

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When families don’t confess sins

  “Confess your faults one to another, and pray  one for another” (Jm 5.16). Families are relationships. I am close to a family that did not train their children to confess sins and forgive.  This was a religious home but … Continue reading

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A Godly Family Show on TV: The Duggers

How many sitcoms on TV feature a  married, two parent, clean living family? I just found out about the Duggers. They are of course a conservative Christian family with a reality show on TLC, a cable channel. It is called “18 Kids … Continue reading

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Meeting with the Girl’s Father

The other night my wife and I had supper with friends including a newlywed couple. They shared how they got together. Tim and Holly ended up at the same Bible college. She was dating other guys. It was not looking hopeful … Continue reading

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Confront Loved One’s Sins?

“Confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. . . . ” (Jm 5.16). Through the years I wish I had selectively confronted more family and friends regarding serious, relationship damaging, sins. I wish … Continue reading

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10 Comments “Dead,” Religious People Don’t Make

Time and again well schooled, refined folk get easily embarrassed at the sound of simple Bible concepts: beings saved, born again, blood of Jesus.  Nicodemus and the Pharisees were very religious but not saved. (Jn 8.44). I grew up “religious’ in a … Continue reading

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Teaching Children about a Servant’s Heart

Riddle: what is a good way to build a relationship with children while training them to have a servant’s heart? Sally wants her kids to have a servant’s heart. Each week for several months she has taken  six year old … Continue reading

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Are Eve’s Daughters Still ‘Eating the Apple’?

 Submission is a dirty word today. Noticed how the  time honored,  Ephesians 5.22-26, wedding vow, “To love, honor and OBEY” is often watered down or omitted?  Ships, companies, schools and armies have one leader. Most wives accept their employer’s authority. … Continue reading

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