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Why does the Bible not command us to praise and worship Mary along with Jesus?

We are commanded to worship and glorify Jesus many times. Where are the verses to praise Mary? Worship Mary? Glorify Mary? In New Testament days it was normal for girls to be virgins until marriage. Mary was not unique in … Continue reading

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“Persecution In China Removed Liberal Religion” -quote by Erwin Lutzer.

“They weren’t willing to go to the wall,” Lutzer continued. Praise God, persecution can be an effective soap. Persecution is being used for good, gain and purifying! Sadly liberal religion here often makes light of modesty, purity and wholesome, family … Continue reading

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Meet The New, Open Range Spirituality

Open Range Spirituality: external religion unhindered with the inconvenience of moral restraints, modesty, clean speech,  purity, virginity, soberness and love for God’s house–aka  false faith,  tokenism, worldly pleasure coated with hypocrisy. It’s man concocting a god to reflect his own … Continue reading

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Liberalism’s Endless Theologies

Liberal theologies often appear to be short-lived, faddish, unstable. They are like city buses, one comes by every few minutes, headed in a different direction. Here is one list of many of them. Since around 1900 non-orthodox theories and gospel … Continue reading

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The New Love Theology (Cheap Grace): Old Lies In A New Suit?

  What does this latest false gospel come from? Prior to World War I, theological liberalism viewed man as basically good, not evil. And as he was perceived as good he needed no salvation event to remove him from a sinful state … Continue reading

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