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Does the Judeo-Christian God accept or reject other religions? Why are they not acceptable?

 HOW DOES GOD VIEW OTHER RELIGIONS INCLUDING IDOL WORSHIPING RELIGIONS?:  (1) In Isaiah 44.9-20, God’s prophet explains how false religions   came in. Men used the trees God made to carve into idols and fell down before them to worship … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Pray Through The Virgin Mary

FACTS: Many Bible commands to praise and glorify the Lord. None to praise or glorify Mary. The early Church in Acts or other NT churches did not worship Mary. Mary did not die for my sins, Jesus Christ deserves ALL … Continue reading

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Serving Others Includes Disappointments

courtesy: In 1879 speaking in Philadelphia, Phillip Brooks made this statement on serving God (edited): “To minister to people means having new happiness and new distress. Both forever deepening and becoming interwoven with the other. The one who gives himself … Continue reading

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Are All Religions Just Different Paths Up The Mountain To God? Does Jehovah Approve Of Idols?

“Aren’t all gods just different paths up the same mountain?”  “Is it narrow to believe that there is only one way to God?” “Is there absolute truth?” How does the God of the Bible answer these questions? God through His … Continue reading

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Does the God of the Bible accept idol worshiping religions?

courtesy: What is one evidence that a religion may be false? Whoever the real author of creation is, he obviously existed prior to creation.  I further presume that proper and highest form of honor and worship would be directly … Continue reading

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Why Do The Greek Gods Remain Popular?: 3 Possibilities

      We hear the names of Atlas, Nike and Zeus. I have a theory as to why the ancient, mythical Greek gods remain so popular today.   They allow the mouth though not the sinner’s heart to  acknowledge that … Continue reading

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“I’ll Get To Heaven My Own Way. I Don’t Follow The Bible”

  Mold-your-own religion is rampant today. Can a man create his own god in his opinions and have that god, that creature, that idol of the mind,  get him any where? A blind spot is assuming one can reach the … Continue reading

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