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“As you read the epistle of James, you discover that these Jewish Christians were having some problems in their personal lives and in their church fellowship. . . . difficult testings, temptations to sin . . . catering to the … Continue reading

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“Horror is my religion.” I just heard a horror writer extolling the virtues of horror books on the radio. She viewed it as a means of encountering and assessing bad things before they could occur in real life. Au contraire. Fear is the enemy of faith, Bible faith. Fear can undermine faith. It is easier to enter the dark side than to escape. Satan loves to disguise sin as harmless pleasure—“trying one little pill can’t hurt. Be a big girl.” This horror writer affirmed her distance from religion. Once leaving God’s truth and God’s people, the Devil can drag one deep into the swamp of sin. Flesh loves flesh. Spirit loves Spirit. Horror produces no peace or joy. Satan is a deceiver. You can’t outfox a fox. You can’t out steal a thief. Bluebirds don’t play with buzzards. Worldly wisdom cannot compare with God’s wisdom and blessings. The Bible tells the wise person what to think about, focus on: “whatsoever things are true . . . honest . . .just . . . pure . . lovely . . . of good report . . . virtue . . . think on these things.” (Phil 4.8). Jesus said, “Peace be unto you.” (John 20.19)

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Are Physicists/String Theory Proponents Wedded To Faith?

Some physicists believe in string theory. It is unconfirmed by experiment. They must believe without evidence. “One of the biggest criticisms of string theory is that it has never been confirmed by experiment, despite its long history. The difficulty lies … Continue reading

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True Faith, Real Commitment, Remains When There Is No Feeling

True faith in Christ remains. Faith is there when ther is no feeling. Many today make decisions by feeling not faith, prayer, Christian counsel or God’s Word. Don’t feel, think godly thoughts! Seek heavenly wisdom. Faith is stronger than passing … Continue reading

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Is Science An Adequate Religion?

Science cannot explain many essential things including where the spirit and soul of man come from. Why can we not watch them being created as we can the human fetus? Science cannot forgive sin, make man good or give eternal … Continue reading

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David’s Faith Statement

I’ve been blessed by insights from David’s battle with the giant, Goliath! If context is appropriate, here are some insights that may parallel Friday’s rebellious attack on a holy God. · God’s people were greatly out-manned—could not compete with Goliath. … Continue reading

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What Is Following You Today?: “Adversity Pursues Sinners” (Prov 13.21 NAS); “Surely Goodness And Mercy Shall Follow Me All The Days Of My Life” (Psa 23.6)

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“I’m Really Upset! I Need A Drink”

Some folks reaction to fear, trauma, bad news or a shock is to take a drink – hit the bottle. Are there other options? When in trouble folks turn to their strongest help, “Big Daddy.” Trouble reveals what our trust … Continue reading

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Do Feelings Save Me? Get Me To Heaven?

  courtesy   Feelings don’t save us.  “Faith is one thing, feeling is another.” – Dwight Moody. We can get good feelings from: nature, paintings, movies, poetry, people, church ceremonies, a caring pastor or moving music.  An atheist can feel good.  Feelings … Continue reading

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How to Start The Day

    My friend Bob’s wife put up a sign for him at the front door. Bob sees it as he goes out for work. It goes about like this: Good morning! I am God. I will be handling your … Continue reading

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