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Did My Teachers Cheat Me?

  The anti-God public schools and colleges are  churches for atheism. Here they recruit and propagandize captive students, filling their minds with anti-God theories. Then the students are sent forth to spread this stuff in society. Many teachers ignore the … Continue reading

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Is College Always My Best Option?

Education Options?: 1. Many high school grads might be better off not to rush into college. There is no prize for finishing first. Work a while and be certain what you want. Older students do better in college. 2. There … Continue reading

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Should Christian Teachers Offer Non-biblical Options Or Just Give The ‘Correct’ Answer? Explain Evolution’s Arguments Or Just Offer Creationism?

courtesy: Should Christian schooling offer students all options or just a single approved one? Should students be trusted to consider all possibilities and come up with the right one themselves? Should instructors trust the Holy Spirit to guide, convict … Continue reading

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Bubble In College Education, Job Opportinities?

   My personal view sans statistics, is that we are entering a new world of employment. Less high paying jobs is likely. I offer these reasons. Current college graduates far exceed opportunities many degrees do not prepare grads for selective … Continue reading

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Can Secular Schools Undermine Faith?

   The Army and secular colleges make a strong Christian stronger and a weak   Christian weaker. -unknown. Three fourths of students from Christian homes lose their faith at  a secular college. -Ed Blount. Many students’ faith is undone in the philosophy, … Continue reading

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“Technology is God” Humanism Has Failed Us

 The United States has 486 prisoners per 100,000 of population, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. New Zealand has the second highest prison population per capita amongst developed countries, with 169 prisoners per 100,000.  Why is our incarceration rate over 250 … Continue reading

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