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Cream VS Tulip Systematic Theologies And Others

I do not devote much time at all to debating the various systematic theologies. See the rationale for this in the questions asked below. But occasionally I am approached with a question. I try to deal with it briefly and … Continue reading

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  There is not one magic bullet to resolve this question. Here are just some factors as I  see it. First, we do well to avoid what let’s call the perfection snare. If all do not believe that the earth … Continue reading

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How important is supremacy of the Bible’s authority?

  Once rejecting the authority of the Bible, genuine Christianity dies. Without this stable, fixed anchor, objectivity is lost. A Pandora’s Box is opened. Without its singular compass, salvation doctrines drown in the sea of subjectivity. Redemption is just added … Continue reading

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“As you read the epistle of James, you discover that these Jewish Christians were having some problems in their personal lives and in their church fellowship. . . . difficult testings, temptations to sin . . . catering to the … Continue reading

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Reconciling God’s Sovereignty and Human Responsibility?

  The key to understanding these two concepts better for me at least leans on the term ‘ limited delegation of responsibility.’ We ll? The boss delegates limited responsibility to them. (1) These two concepts of God’s sovereignty and human … Continue reading

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Why does the Bible not command us to praise and worship Mary along with Jesus?

We are commanded to worship and glorify Jesus many times. Where are the verses to praise Mary? Worship Mary? Glorify Mary? In New Testament days it was normal for girls to be virgins until marriage. Mary was not unique in … Continue reading

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Why does the Bible devote so much space to the same basic issues including: Person/Work of Christ, sin, redemption, godly living?

Blades get dull over time. Likewise the Church can lose its edge, it vision, over time. Every twenty years the next generation needs to be sharpened, retooled. “The Puritans talked of revival, visitation, awakening. . . .Founder George Mason talked … Continue reading

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Why deny the doctrine of original sin when it is the only doctrine that can be proved by reading the morning newspaper? -Erwin Lutzer quoting G. K. Chesterton

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Paul Warned Against False Gospels, Bad Theology

“If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1.9). Eternal truth is stable. It does not change. These false gospels, these liberal theologies, change continually. They are not stable, … Continue reading

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Of Swans And Moonbeams

 Sparkle gave an “I love you” message for heaven to an swan to deliver. . The swan headed up towards heaven but ran into a mutant alien and stopped to chat. They walked on moon beams til they perchanced found … Continue reading

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