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I Want To Meditate On God’s Word More

Forget New Year resolutions, I want to meditate on God’s word more this week! “O how I love thy law! It is my meditation all the day.” (Psalm 119.97). Quickly reading it is one thing, meditating on one verse or … Continue reading

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My Bible Reading Seems Dry, Boring

  I read my Bible but I don’t see much difference in my life. It does not excite me. What is wrong? Am I missing something? There is surely more to it than I am getting. 1. reading too quickly? … Continue reading

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Hollywood and Titillation

Titillation is defined as: “to excite or stimulate pleasure.” We know that Hollywood and TV is past master at this. Movies and programs can start out seemingly harmless. We get interested, hooked. Then Satan’s lewdness goes to work on our … Continue reading

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Is Worship Just a Blessed, High Moment or a Doorway?

Worship can be more than a brief blessing in the church service. Praise God for this but there is more fruit on the vine! Tender music can be a door way. It can open our tender feelings towards God.  Heartfelt, earnest … Continue reading

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Can You Sleep in a Storm?

A storm arrives with noise, wind and  rain.  High up in a tree is a little bird’s nest.  Yet the baby birds are at rest under Momma’s wings – at peace. Why? They are closer to Momma than the storm. … Continue reading

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Our Tongue, Our Relationships

Our tongue  greatly impacts all our relationships.  The tongue is like  a little red spade. Many of the holes I have gotten into in life, I have dug with my little shovel. Our character stands no taller than our words. People evaluate … Continue reading

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Spending Time with Jesus

  An author wrote of attending a dinner where Corre Ten Boom was present. After dinner they were seated in the living room. The author observed that Corre kept two conversations going, one with the party guests but also had … Continue reading

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Private Prayer Obstacles: Wandering Mind, Inconsistency

II. Common Obstacles to Meeting Faithfully with Jesus:  A. Wandering Thoughts – Cannot Focus  Yes, our fallen minds tend to wander. It helps to: 1. ask the Holy Spirit to help with that 2. read and pray out loud 3. … Continue reading

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My Private Time with Jesus

In a snake filled jungle or climbing 29,000 ft Mt. Everest, we need a good guide. A wise guide is also vital traveling through this dangerous world, this jungle of temptation. We need to stay close to our faithful guide, … Continue reading

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