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Living With Quiet Desperation

“Most people live lives of quiet desperation.” – Henry David Thoreau.  Like gasping fish in a desert are the masses without Jesus. They are but cannon fodder for the Devil. Mannish exploits and toys stir one’s fancies but will not … Continue reading

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Is It Unspiritual To Tell Others That I Am Feeling Down, Low? Repressing My Feelings Denying Reality And Growth?

  courtesy: David repeatedly shared his feelings in the psalms. David openly discussed his heart issues with God. He did not play the shallow, all is well, fake joy game.  David was hurting. He knew it. God knew it. He was honest … Continue reading

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Angry? Depressed? Check The Guilt Bucket

        The conscience has a memory like an elephant. We know that not living up to our expectations or plain old sin can bring guilt. Disappoint and failures bring guilt. If we manifest this it often comes … Continue reading

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