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How To Rationalize Overspending: When Self Control Goes AWOL

Outrunning serious Christian commitment can take creativity. Spouses can be so . . . .  you know . . . . penny pinchy. Say for example you can’t quite fit  the new $86,090, 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon coupe into … Continue reading

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Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell. – C. T. Studd

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4 Frenemies of Christian Joy And Boldness?: Pride, Intellectualism, Dead Religion, Sophisticated Friends

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No Thanks, God

“God, I am really blessed. My needs are met. My Family is good. We have our finances, food, home, wheels, jobs, friends and pleasures. We don’t need You now. We are blessed. We don’t need God’s house or worship. We’re … Continue reading

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Relationship-driven? Am I Pop Culture Or Godly Core Values?

Does peer pressure jerk me around–tell me what to do? Do I change depending on the group  I am with–a leaf in the wind? If others do not accept my core values do they accept me? Do I have courage, … Continue reading

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If One Does Not Like Worshiping God In Church Here, He Would Really Be Out Of Place In Heaven

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Tired Of Cold Churches? Get Saved And On Fire For Jesus! Folks Will Come To Watch You Burn

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I Went To Church But Saw No Change In My Life. Why?

  Good question. There could be several reasons why it did not really make a difference. if one does not know Jesus, he cannot expect to get into Jesus’ presence. God’s children get God’s spiritual blessings not the unsaved. cold-hearted, … Continue reading

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The Hug Lady

  Last night on the news it was reported that one elderly lady has made it her job to hug soldiers leaving out at the airport. There at Ft.Hood Texas Elizabeth L, age 81, has been hugging departing soldiers since … Continue reading

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