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I Went To Church But Saw No Change In My Life. Why?

  Good question. There could be several reasons why it did not really make a difference. if one does not know Jesus, he cannot expect to get into Jesus’ presence. God’s children get God’s spiritual blessings not the unsaved. cold-hearted, … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Sugarcoat?

  Should  Bible truth be sugarcoated, dumbed down, blunted? Is the Bible too harsh? Are some concepts like hell too offensive to be used today? Do we need to be “more caring” than God’s Spirit was?  Jesus brought “grace and truth.” (Jn … Continue reading

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Why Some Do Not Like Church?

  Why do some young people dislike church?  Avoid church?  I talk to lots of people about spiritual issues. Here are my speculations: 1.  Many are only familiar with dry, boring, dead churches.  Who wants to live in a grave yard? … Continue reading

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Is Church Boring?

  If church is boring it is possibly due to one of the following reasons. the church is dead. Who wants to stay in a grave yard? Find a joyful church where they love Jesus and His children. Find a … Continue reading

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Altar Calls v. Commitment Calls

  Warren Wiersbe writes on Exodus:  “Preachers and evangelists sometimes invite people in their congregations to “come to the altar,” but there are no altars on earth that are ordained of God or acceptable to God. Why? Because the death … Continue reading

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“Church Involvement Helps More Than Psychiatry:” Psychiatrist

  Erwin Lutzer quotes Larry Crabb, Christian psychiatrist: ” The problems people face are not helped nearly so much by psychiatry as the active body of believers. If you look carefully, beneath the hurt  you find disconnected souls that  live life … Continue reading

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Church traditions: variety is a blessing

  I am thankful for my church tradition. Its roots, its standards, protect me from much outside false teaching, froth and compromise. I am thankful also for the hundreds of other regenerate  church traditions, some quite different from mine.  I am thankful … Continue reading

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Rob Bell questions whether a personal relationship with Jesus is biblical

 “Believe not every spirit.” (1 Jn 4.1) . . . “by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince” (Tit 1.9b). Author Rob Bell’s controversial book, LOVE WINS, questions whether a personal relationship with God through Jesus is biblical.  Rob  Bell … Continue reading

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Some ‘doctors’ give only good diagnoses

  How would you like a physician that only gave you good  diagnoses, –  happy, ‘feel good’ tests results? Would you trust him? Does he have your best interest at heart? Don’t laugh. This is reality in the religious world today. … Continue reading

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Book Review: LOVE WINS — Old Lies for a New Generation

 “Holding fast the faithful Word .” (Tit 1.9a)  . . .”Avoid profane and vain babblings: (1 Tim 6.20-21).  Rob Bell’s controversial book, Love Wins is mistitled. It might be better called:  HERESY WINS, TRUTH LOSES or  OLD LIES FOR A NEW GENERATION. … Continue reading

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