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  There is not one magic bullet to resolve this question. Here are just some factors as I  see it. First, we do well to avoid what let’s call the perfection snare. If all do not believe that the earth … Continue reading

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Ravi Zacharias Lists Challenges Facing Churches Today

  Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias lists  challenges confronting American churches today. They are recovery of Scriptural exposition in a relevant way. Secondly,   a disconnect with our youth. Finally, pastors today face increased pressure from within and without. Ravi affirms how … Continue reading

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More Open Testimony Times At Funerals?

The Bible names and commends individual saints for their work in the Lord’s behalf. Some were dead; some were living. Not a few dead believers are honored in Hebrews 11,  from Noah to Rahab. Their works are named.  David’s mighty … Continue reading

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“Persecution In China Removed Liberal Religion” -quote by Erwin Lutzer.

“They weren’t willing to go to the wall,” Lutzer continued. Praise God, persecution can be an effective soap. Persecution is being used for good, gain and purifying! Sadly liberal religion here often makes light of modesty, purity and wholesome, family … Continue reading

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Few Corpses Think Outside The Box

In a graveyard, few think outside the box. Jesus pushed the Pharisees as a group to move beyond  their tradition, their status quo, their way of operating. They needed group revival, not just personal revival alone. The Pharisees did not … Continue reading

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The Goal Of Christian Politics?

“[F]or too long we have assumed that the church is a means to an end to save America,” he said. “America is important. But the end goal of the gospel is not a Christian America. The end goal of the … Continue reading

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Congregational Government: One Man Rule Or Balance Of Powers?

“ . . but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” Prov 11.14 Congregationalist polity From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “. . . . Congregationalist polity, often known as congregationalism, is a system of church governance in which every … Continue reading

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Facts Vs. Artificial Reality

    Jesus had a way of contrasting new life with dead religion. The tradition-bound Pharisees did not care for Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus exposed shallow, external thinking and self-centeredness. Jesus put the needs of the people ahead of self, privilege … Continue reading

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Evangelicalism And Fundamentalism: Their Strengths, Needs

courtesy: In the early 1900s an American movement began called Fundamentalism. It was a reaction to liberalism, aka, the social gospel. The social gospel taught  that man’s nature was good. He was not lost. Man did not need to be saved … Continue reading

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Halloween Or Harvest Party?

  courtesy – The word “hallow” means to sanctify, make holy. We Christians need to reclaim, reclaim, this word and night for Jesus and clean, wholesome activities. On October 31st some churches offer youth a wholesome alternative to ‘Trick … Continue reading

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