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Words To A Hurting Stranger

Yesterday I was traversing  an empty, enclosed walkway when I heard a man’s loud words of disgust or anger. Puzzled, I waited for some one to appear around the corner.  Two men came into view, walking  in my direction.  Then … Continue reading

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Can God Use The Santa Claus Emphasis?

At the risk of sounding like a compromising syncretist may I offer possible advantages of having Santa? I hear that around sixty percent of annual retail sales are realized during the Christmas season. I echo the view that getting the … Continue reading

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Jessica Lynch Needed A “Door-Kicker”

  “During the Iraqi War a U.S. soldier was captured along with others. They nearly lost 16 soldiers. Around midnight on Apil 1 a few dozen Special Operations “door-kickers” piled into Black Hawk helicopters and headed for Nasiriya. The southern Iraqi city was … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Jesus!

  Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God. But why did He come to earth? Why not just send an assistant, email or sky writing? Perhaps in part for the same reason we do we … Continue reading

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