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Am I a wise person or not?

The book of Proverbs chapters 1-7 devotes many verses to the high value of acquiring wisdom.  But another issue  rivals wisdom for Solomon’s attention! This vital topic occupies some 80 of these 186 verses. This is about  43 percent of … Continue reading

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Presidential Campaign, Amoral Schools & Character

  This presidential campaign has revealed alleged, ethical sinkholes in candidate character. Yet many corporations and our anti-God public schools reject most  ethical teaching. Overall, amoral schooling cannot produce moral  character. Sorry, not gonna happen. I see only denial and … Continue reading

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Can Compassionate Christians Over-promise? Make Things Worse?

Especially for Christians might a temptation stem from seeing a person’s need and then over-promising to meet it? Compassion can get one in to trouble if it makes promises it does not follow through on. One’s testimony takes a hit. … Continue reading

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Honor Bright: Can People Take My Word To The Bank?

  Ever heard the old expression, “honor bright”? One source traces it to an American novel in the 1800s. It was charming and tender as I just heard it spoken by a movie character played by 5 year old, Shirley … Continue reading

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Three Fellows That Can Leave You Stranded: Mr. Thin Tires, Mr. Empty Tank And Mr. Low Character

“Do not be deceived: ‘Bad company corrupts good morals.’” (1 Cor 15.33 NAS). “He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm.” (Prov 13.20 NAS).

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Does Christian Maturity Or Character Run In Families?

courtesy: Is Christian maturity in one’s genes? Should it be presumed that Christian character runs in families? Abraham was God’s friend yet his nephew, Lot, is the prototype of the worldly believer. He barely escaped from Sodom. His wife … Continue reading

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What Three Words Best Describe You? What Are Your Core Values?

   What three words best describe you?:    unhappy/bored/unsuccessful?  Carefree/flesh/feeling good?  Family/Jesus/clean living?  Confused/searching/lost? What determines our moods, agenda, and behavior?  Here are a few basic questions each one must decide about. I have chosen pay as you go not deep debt and its … Continue reading

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Raising Cain

   The first child born in the Bible, Cain, was also the first murderer. He could not blame it on bad friends or bad neighborhood environment. Let’s quickly sketch who this guy Cain was. Cain and his little brother Abel … Continue reading

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  Is character important? Read the morning newspaper. Like a missing rudder on a ship, so is character that will not protect personal purity. Modest dress and character separates man from naked apes and alley cat morals.  

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