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16 Reasons To Postpone Or Skip College. Think Outside The Box.

  Many graduates switch fields later on. Avoid costly wheel spinning. Consider working in your chosen field first to really find out if you want to do it long term.  One nice day does not a spring time make.” – after … Continue reading

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If Education Brings Contentment And Peace, Where Are They?

  Pastor Chuck Swindoll recently observed that if intellectualism brought personal peace and satisfaction, our colleges campuses would be quite different from what they are. If head knowledge was the answer the college campus would be an oasis, retreat, Shangri-la, a monastery of … Continue reading

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Two Girls,Two Lifestyles

  The Bible compares choices in life. Lifestyles have consequences. In Genesis 24 we read the tender mating story of a beautiful young virgin, Rebekah. She has a servant’s heart to help others. God blesses her with a prosperous husband, Isaac. “Then … Continue reading

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Campus Christian Groups VS The Greeks

  Rush a frat or sorority? Who should I hang with? How does the moral atmosphere vary? Godly relationships begin with Jesus, Bible values and godly friends. Some while back I heard a Christian girl sharing about her escape from the ungodly … Continue reading

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Choosing A College: Students Seek Out Their Own Kind

  Who should I hang out with?  How important is choosing college,  the right college? Does it often determine who I will marry? My core values and morals? My friends? The largest generation so far is the 78 million strong millennials.They … Continue reading

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Godly Dating Rules

  Do you believe in godly dating standards, a game plan? The Bible does too. Genesis 24 is the warm, wonderful story of how Isaac and Rebekah were brought together. Rebekah was a beautiful virgin with a heart to serve others. … Continue reading

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‘Land mines’ many college Christians step on

  This is another in a series for collegians. These posts are in the “college life” category. My wife and I were a staff couple with a college Christian fellowship at state universities for several years. 1. UNSPOKEN TRADE-OFF: secular colleges … Continue reading

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Masturbation: help or hindrance?

  Masturbation, masturbation, what art thou? – anon. Is masturbation an acceptable solution for a Christian’s bodily urges?  Is it a justifiable defense against improper behavior, fornication and adultery?  Does it generate sinful thoughts? What Bible insights are there?  (this is … Continue reading

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Lies defeating Christian college students

   Lies are lies.  Lies attack God’s holy, sinless nature. One of Jesus’ names is Truth (Jn 14.6). This is one of a series of posts on college campus issues. My wife and I were campus staff workers with a  … Continue reading

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Finding godly friends on campus, new town

  How  does one find godly, Christian friends on a new college campus? New city? Here are some practical, unoriginal ideas.   It is so important to have a godly support group in a secular environment; peer pressure, home sickness and … Continue reading

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