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The Unforgiveable Sin

  Can one still commit the unforgivable sin today? What is it exactly? “but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin.” (Mk 3.29 NAS). Bible commentator John Gill writes: “But the blasphemy … Continue reading

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Giving Your Love Life To God: 7 Commitments

We get these seven guidelines in the excellent book, Growing Up Duggar by four young Christian girls. They are on the TLC reality series, “19 Kids And Counting.” See the book review of this book from youth to youth in … Continue reading

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Is Missile Technology New? Can You Call In ‘Air Strikes’?

        A favorite Old Testament of mine story is in 2 Kings 1. Evil King Ahaziah’s soldiers attempt to arrest Elijah the prophet. God has just had Elijah inform Ahaziah that because he sought supernatural advice from an idol, Beelzabub, he … Continue reading

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6 Things Dad Didn’t Tell Me -#30

courtesy: 1.  Seat belts are not a friend of fresh, crisp looking, sport coats and suits. 2.  In a  sticky situation and unwilling to seek out godly advice?  Warning buzzers should be tripping. In tight spots especially, we need a clutch, … Continue reading

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A Blind Man, Black Cat And The Big Bang

  The antiGod evolutionist is a blind man in a dark cave, searching for a black cat who isn’t there and finding it. – H. L. Mencken (adapted) Evolutionism claims that creation began with a big bang caused by immense … Continue reading

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Comforting The Hurting

Today we Americans remember the terrible 9/11 attacks. From week to week, the caring heart will come across opportunities to reach out to soldiers, their family members or civilians. Who does not have a heartache today? “The truest help we can … Continue reading

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Let’s Discuss Our Courtship Guidelines

        Kendrick, meeting you recently was . . .  well . . .  special. I enjoy being around you. You are cool. The pizza and ball game were fun. We are both Christians. We should be able … Continue reading

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5 Things Moms Tell Youngsters – #16

      1. You’ll be healthier and get sick less if you eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Focus on the power veggies –   sweet potato, spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, sauerkraut, green peppers, onions, pumpkin and carrots. 2.  … Continue reading

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False Teaching Attacks God or His Son, Jesus Christ. Can You Identify It?

          Satan hates God and has lies to attack Him and what He stands for. This is effective on those who do not know God’s Word. False teachjing attacks God’s: existence, creative power, love for man, power, … Continue reading

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How To Reply to Lustful Advances

  Teens and adults do walk too many miles without being hit on or being offered an enticing offer to commit immorality. How should a high-minded person reply? What do you think of the comment, “true friends protect our purity”? “I don’t … Continue reading

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