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Here are some points/questions for Bible skeptics. (1)  The Bible indeed agrees  that skeptics will not appreciate and understand its truths. (1 Cor 2.14; 1.18). Outsiders are not privy to its message. (2) Science may answer how questions but not … Continue reading

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  There is not one magic bullet to resolve this question. Here are just some factors as I  see it. First, we do well to avoid what let’s call the perfection snare. If all do not believe that the earth … Continue reading

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Questions for Skeptics, Atheists

Are your views grounded more on intellectual facts or moral/immoral desires that you cling to? The Darwinist is bound in the cage of time, space and matter. As matter cannot create itself, this naturalist has nothing to use for origin. … Continue reading

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Got a family member you cannot really talk to?: Building conversation bridges

It was lonely growing up. I was  a quiet, little kid. As a youth my Dad was into his business and drank at night. He did not devote much time to we three children or mother. She paid a heavy … Continue reading

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Why the atheist or believer will not have all his Bible questions answered?

Why the atheist  or believer will not have all his Bible questions answered?  Like feeding a dead cat is reasoning with one not open to truth.  I am focused on atheists and skeptics who attack, who ask questions, but do … Continue reading

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Should Christians drink?

Should Christians Drink? 12 reasons for my decision. I have friends that drink, others don’t. I am not going to get into glassy-eyed debate over this and risk losing a friend. Alcohol is a non-essential, discretionary, personal matter.  “In essentials … Continue reading

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Can you identify a cult?

  “Holding fast the faithful Word” 1 Tit 1.9a . . . .”Avoid profance and vain babblings” 1 Tim 6.2 . . . .”if any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to that which you have received, let … Continue reading

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Do you know the Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke?

Numbness in arms or face Trouble speaking Change in vision–can’t see or blurry vision Sudden headaches Trouble detecting hot or cold Trouble swallowing–can inhale food or drink into lungs Difficulty walking–off balance, stumbling, dizzy, unsteady Confusion Dizziness or vertigo Loss … Continue reading

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Are all religions just different paths up the mountain to God?

Are all religions just different paths up the mountain to God? Is a summit conference between these religion leaders/founders plausible? Let’s pretend for a moment that all religions were different paths up a mountain to God. How might that have … Continue reading

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How important is supremacy of the Bible’s authority?

  Once rejecting the authority of the Bible, genuine Christianity dies. Without this stable, fixed anchor, objectivity is lost. A Pandora’s Box is opened. Without its singular compass, salvation doctrines drown in the sea of subjectivity. Redemption is just added … Continue reading

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