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Why I’m Not An Evolutionist

Is it “in the beginning God” . . . or . . . Evolution’s out of nothing came everything and everybody? . . . Darwinism imagines how life forms developed over time. This is quite differ ent from explaining how … Continue reading

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Jane Austen novels

“Pride and Prejudice,” “Sense and Sensibility” just two of Jane Austin’s popular novels  are popular “because of her eloquent portrayal of how politeness [kindness, gentleness] is tied to deeper morality. . . . In Austen, manners for bad people are … Continue reading

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Questions for Bible skeptics, outsiders

Do you believe that outsiders to an academic field know more about it than insiders? Name some academic fields where outsiders know more than the insiders who have studied it (medicine, chemical engineering, nuclear physics)? What was the purpose of … Continue reading

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Cream VS Tulip Systematic Theologies And Others

I do not devote much time at all to debating the various systematic theologies. See the rationale for this in the questions asked below. But occasionally I am approached with a question. I try to deal with it briefly and … Continue reading

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Questions For Pantheism

Hinduism claims that god is pantheistic . . . everything is god . . .   in all things . . . . but not a personal god one can form a relationship with. Ever tried to form a meaningful relationship … Continue reading

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Are these Bible based wedding vows?

  I ________ take you,________ , to be my God-ordained husband.  I will have you and hold you from this day forward, until death do us part.  I will continue to choose you each day, for better or for worse, … Continue reading

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7 Ways Hurricanes Could Be Beneficial

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Conversing With Doubters

  Conversation Openers with those doubting God: Are you happy? How do you deal with guilt? Have you decided what you believe spiritually? Are you  comfortable (excited)  sharing  what you believe spiritually?   Do you have a world view that … Continue reading

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Reasons A True Believer Will Never Lose His Salvation

Reasons why a true believer will never lose his salvation: (1) The Bible promises us eternal life, not just a 43 percent chance at it (Jn 3.16; 6.37). (2) Paul powerfully assures if it in Romans 8.38-39! (3)  Jesus promised … Continue reading

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Is That Shirt Awesome?

Should we praise  a dog and God using the same word? Should we make a distinction in complementing things and our majestic, one-of-a-kind, holy God? New shoes, shirt or a car may be ‘nice,’ or ‘attractive,’ but   not ‘awesome.’ God … Continue reading

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