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Does sincerity make a philosophy real?

  A farmer noticed a fresh grave being dug in his friend’s back yard. Saddened, he notified the neighbors and they gathered around the open grave. They sang and prayed. Then a stranger appeared, explaining that he was there to … Continue reading

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Is deeper intimacy with God achieved by protracted singing one song? Does musical massaging of one’s feelings enhance fellowship with God?

“Worship can be feelings manufactured without thought. If you repeat a thought long enough you think you can manufacture the right thought to engender the feeling. . . .  I think we are flirting with a lot of issues that … Continue reading

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Ravi Zacharias Lists Challenges Facing Churches Today

  Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias lists  challenges confronting American churches today. They are recovery of Scriptural exposition in a relevant way. Secondly,   a disconnect with our youth. Finally, pastors today face increased pressure from within and without. Ravi affirms how … Continue reading

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Is Romantic love more than a feeling? Quick words?

  True story. A church couple asked their teenage girls class what subjects they wanted to talk about? All 13 replied in a survey–love and marriage. The teacher asked them, “suppose your boyfriend said, “I love you,” how would you … Continue reading

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Should I loan money to friends and relatives? How do I best protect that relat ionship? Is a loan what some need the most?

   Endless are the tales of friends and loved ones who loaned money but did not get it back.  My father was a good business man. He advised  against loaning to friends. Collecting overdue business debts from  friends especially gets … Continue reading

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Dangers of loaning/borrowing money from friends

“A man lacking in sense  pledges, And becomes surety in the presence of his neighbor.” (Prov 17.18 NAS). The Bible warns individuals against putting  money at risk/personal loans to neighbors. The Bible affirms certain types of loans but not others. … Continue reading

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Was Jesus a pacifist? For eliminating Second Amendment?

I suspect that  much of today’s  gun control (and pacifism) rationale stems from  a dubious view of man’s nature. The Bible endlessly portrays man as evil (Jer 17.9). Yet some  reject this. They view man as basically good. And if … Continue reading

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Is God more interested in drawing one into a deep relationship with Him or merely throwing out Q&A answers to satisfy intellectual curiosity?

Without suffering and a crisis in their lives some dear people would never think deeply about spiritual issues. People tend to ask more ‘why’ questions when their world is rocked, when their comfort zone is  shaken or even removed. “God … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Hallmark movies

Taste in movies varies widely, even among Christians. As a repeat viewer of many Hallmark films I offer my evaluation of them  as a whole. Exceptions exist! Generally what do I see as their pluses and minuses? Pluses: little titillation … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t God keep Christians from committing suicide? He is supposed to supply all a Christian’s needs? (Phil 4.19)

Why doesn’t God keep every believer from committing every sin, every bad choice?  Answer: Free will. Freedom of choice is a very serious responsibility. God  chose to give us free will—not make us robots with no option to sin. Suicide … Continue reading

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