Life Choices Parents & Family Discuss With Children

 1. You can dib-dab your money away or save it for the big things in life.
2. Hang out with snakes, expect to get bit. (1 Cor 15.22; 2 Cor 6.14-17).
3. Drink upstream from the herd. There are not many wise nor wholesome people out there. Don’t follow the worldly crowd. Ask God for wholesome, godly friends! Be a step ahead.
4. The godly person who compromises his/her high standards to be accepted by the world is desperate and weak. They need to be an indoor cat until they build up more strength, power and self control. Decide if you are going to allow others to use you, jerk you around for their purposes! Be strong.
5. List your NON-NEGOTIABLE values. Real friends will support and encourage your wholesome values!!
6. Loneliness, lust, depression or fear of rejection can lead to temptation, self-destructive behavior, heartache.
7. There is an eternal difference between external religiosity and a personal relationship with Jesus. (Matt 7.21-23).
8. Flesh loves fleshly activities not spiritual activities, not church. Until a sinner is saved, he will not understand most Bible truth. He probably will not appreciate what a warm, Bible teaching, born again preaching, church has to offer. (1 Cor 2.14). Ask Jesus to help you here.
9. Advertising gets results. Dress communicates our values. Flesh wants flesh. Wholesome people want wholesome. Sin brings pain, heartache. Ask God to give you one or two clean, Christian friends.
10. Make much of Jesus and He will make much of you. Jesus will mean everything to you or nothing.
11. God hides many blessings behind obedience. “Once we leave God’s plan, there is no easy, painless plan B or C.” – Cindi Mundy

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