SERIOUS TALK ABOUT  EVIL AND SUFFERING:   Every world view must address the issues of evil and suffering. What your world view is? If it is Hinduism, they believe in “karma.” People  get just what they deserve. Bad deeds bring bad karma. Islam believes that whatever happens is  “the will  of God.”  And naturalistic atheism has no moral law. It is amoral.  “For evil to exist, good must also exist to measure evil by. For good to exist there must be a moral law. And a moral law requires a  Moral Law Giver.” – after So the atheist cannot have it both ways. He is inconsistent to speak of  evil when amoral  atheism denies an objective  moral law exists.  How does morality arise from amoral matter? Or amoral gases? Or amoral slime? Or amoral non-life? Or amoral fish, apes? The Judeo-Christian world view is the only one where addressing evil is reasonable. – after Stealing From God, rzim. A classic book that has helped many is THE PROBLEM  OF PAIN by C.S. Lewis. Lewis  was a soldier in the WWI trench warfare. His view of suffering is broader than just an ivory tower.

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