Suffering, Human Responsibility & God

Suffering in the world is a very serious question. It deserves deep consideration---more than these brief FB comments. My thoughts as a Christian of many years.
  1. God in His eternal wisdom has not chosen to answer every question about suffering for us. Why? Why do wise parents not explain everything to their five year old son? Why do generals or corporate presidents not reveal all they know to employees or outsiders? Humility and respect for different roles is assumed.
  2. Suffering has purpose. SERIOUS searchers can find some TEN different reasons and causes for suffering and evil in the Bible. Are there more drive-by mockers throwing rocks than those desiring lasting truth where ever that leads?
  3. Sin was SO serious in a holy God’s eyes that He allowed His only Son to die a horrendous, painful death on the Cross. God is not distant from suffering. Jesus CARED enough to suffer for you! (Rom 5.6-9).
  4. Job suffered much yet it deepened his respect for God. And God ultimately blessed Job with TWICE what he lost materially. Trust Him.
  5. “Since he did not even spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all, won’t He also give us everything else?” (Rom 8.32).

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