Why I’m Not An Evolutionist

Is it “in the beginning God” . . . or . . . Evolution’s out of nothing came everything and everybody? . . . Darwinism imagines how life forms developed over time. This is quite differ ent from explaining how matter began. For example, the Big Bang theory presupposes the existence of matter for it to work. Who created that pre-existing matter? Without pre-existing matter the Big Bang has no ingredients to work with.
Matter cannot be both cause and effect. Ford cars do not create themselves. They require something else to make them. Evolution is a fable agreed upon. It would rob me of my heavenly Father and all His blessings, my soul’s eternal home, my forgiveness for sin, peace and joy, abundant life now, Christian fellowship and my wonderful, personal relationship with Jesus. I dare not succumb to sophistic intellectualism’s charms. I will not swap God’s riches for man’s fads and fairy tales. Dead leaves must fall. I’ve escaped magic’s grip. Find truth, super sleuth.

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