Questions for Bible skeptics, outsiders

  1. Do you believe that outsiders to an academic field know more about it than insiders? Name some academic fields where outsiders know more than the insiders who have studied it (medicine, chemical engineering, nuclear physics)?
  2. What was the purpose of the gospel of John? According to its author, John, why was it written? (Jn 20.30-31).
  3. Which NT book devotes eight chapters to explaining in detail (1) why man is not righteous before God; and (2) how does man become righteous before God?
  4. What is a main theme and key verse for the book of Galatians?
  5. To have a balanced view of the Bible, list the conservative biblical books or other resources you have read?
  6. Assuming that all church goers are not going to heaven, hypocrites included, explain the difference between being a real believer and having external religiosity. (Rom 10.9-10,13).
  7. List six distinctives unique to Jesus Christ that no other religion has.
  8. If you have rejected the Judeo-Christian world view, name the view which has a more cohesive solution to the issues of origin, meaning, morality and destiny. Is it pantheism, Islam or atheism?

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