Questions For Pantheism

Hinduism claims that god is pantheistic . . . everything is god . . .   in all things . . . . but not a personal god one can form a relationship with. Ever tried to form a meaningful relationship with a galaxy, cloud, rock or glass of water?

This pantheistic world view if taken seriously, should be able to answer a few basic questions:

  1. Karma is one’s good and bad deeds being recorded to determine if one must be reincarnated to pay off his bad karma. Question: if god is impersonal who is keeping track of all human beings good and bad karma? Where is the accounting office?
  2. Karma seems cruel not to tell people how and where they have come up short. Why keep an account but not tell the person so he can learn from it?
  3. Reincarnation involves coming back as some animal life to pay off prior bad karma. Question: if one returns as a bumble bee how does it pay off bad karma? Is it ‘told’  to collect double the normal flower nectar or what?
  4. Being so vague, how do I know that this concept  is not just another of the Hindu myths?

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