Are these Bible based wedding vows?


I ________ take you,________ , to be my God-ordained husband.  I will have you and hold you from this day forward, until death do us part.  I will continue to choose you each day, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, in tragedy or in triumph.  I will love you and cherish you, and I will honor and respect you as the head of our home under Christ.  I will joyfully submit to you, and faithfully remain by your side all the days of my life.  All this I pledge by God’s grace and for His glory.

I _______, take you, _____

To be my God-given wife

To have and to hold

From this day forward, for the rest of my life, with all of my life

For better and for worse

For richer and for poorer

In sickness and in health

To love you unconditionally

To nourish and cherish you

To humbly serve you like Christ does for the church

To lead and shepherd you in God’s will for our lives

Til death do us part

By God’s grace and for His glory, I will!

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