7 Ways Hurricanes Could Be Beneficial


How might God use hurricanes and other natural disasters spiritually? Does He have a purpose behind all events? Do accidents exist?

(1) A hurricane can be a warning, a preview. It’s path of destruction, pain and loss are just a glimpse of the  eternal devastation  that awaits the unrepentant in the judgment, hell (Acts 17.30-31; Luke 13.3).

(2) God created man to maintain a relationship with Him. Away from our heavenly Father we are helpless and powerless. Hurricanes and other crises should remind us of our need for help, deliverance, outside rescue. (Rom 5.6; Isaiah 40.6-8).
(3) We can get so wrapped up in the gifts, glam and gold that we forget the Giver. Unthankfulness reigns today. How many eat their meals without bowing to acknowledge and thank the Provider? Should we gulp  our food down like a hog at the trough? (1 Thes 5.16-18).

(4) God is sovereign Ruler. He has not asked man to sit on His Board of Directors and advise Him. Events that man’s science and technology are helpless to control should promote man’s humility towards the Creator and Sustainer of the cosmos. There are no accidents in God’s economy. Does He ever think, “I had great plans for Kendall but that unforeseen circumstance prevented it”? (Isaiah 45.9-12).

(5) Disasters and other trials should be means of testing and strengthening our faith bringing endurance. (Jm 1.2-4).

(6) Earthly securities and circumstances come and go. Solomon wrote of how living without proper focus on God is vanity. (Eccl 1.14-18; Matt 6.33).

(7) Disasters and crises can be like a magnet. They ideally should draw families, relatives and churches closer together. Love should flow. (2 Cor 8.1-5).

Love sent, blood bought, Spirit powered —

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